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We sell various music product like guitar, bass, drum, etc with various brand. You will get the original quality for we are an authorized distributor of the product brand we sell.


We are gladly to help you choosing the right product for your "sound necessity" and we will help you with the installation and settings to fulfill the needs to ROCK your place.


Will you hold a musical event? Do you need some musical instruments, sounds, along with another equipment? we are willing to rent out our best tools to complete your event.

Rocket Music

EST 2006

Rocket Music is a music store that sells a variety of musical instruments with a variety of brands to brands that are famous for original quality and also a trusted distributor of musical instruments located in the city of Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Rocket Music was founded in 2006 by Hedy Leo and has a branch called Gerai Music located in the city of Selong, Central Lombok. Several major events such as guitar classes and musical instrument exhibitions were initiated by our shop. Our store also provides tool rental services for band events in Lombok because we always provide the best quality services and products for our customers. By combining friendly service and complete stock availability Rocket Music continues to move forward to become the number one musical instrument store in Lombok.

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